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Bathroom Vanities: Free-Standing vs Wall Hung – What’s the difference?
A bathroom vanity is a unit that holds the sink and other segments for storage in your bathroom. They are of two main types – free-standing and wall hung. As the name suggests, a freestanding vanity is a unit that is usually rested on the floor while a wall-hung vanity is fixed on the bathroom wall. A bathroom vanity is a glamorous addition to any bathroom and is also of great functional nature. Both come with their own set of pros and cons, which are as follows:

Free-Standing Vanity

It is fixed on the bathroom floor and comes with a kick-board that covers all the space beneath the doors.


They have a timeless appeal and blends well with both traditional and contemporary bathroom settings.
They can offer a lot of storage space, which is very essential in a bathroom. If you increase the number of sinks, then you are endowed with more storage space.
As they are fixed on the floor, they conceal the area under them, which means lesser floor area to clean. This makes bathroom cleaning a quicker and easier task.
One of the main highlights of a free-standing vanity unit is that it covers up all the plumbing work in the bathroom, which can otherwise pose to be an eye sore.
This style is more convenient for aged people and children as the build is simple and easy to use.

A floor fixed free-standing vanity unit can tend to take up a lot of space. This might be a concern if you have a small bathroom, as it can look congested.
A free-standing vanity unit can leave impressions on the floor when you move or dismantle them. The extent of scarring can depend on the adhesives used and the tile quality.

Wall-Hung Vanity

This type is directly fixed on the wall. They have options with and without the basins.


Wall-hung vanity units resonate with contemporary and modern style. These are for homeowners who want a neat, crisp, and sleek looking vanity unit in their bathrooms.
As they are fixed on the wall and do not cover the tiles, they offer maximum display of your floor tiles. It is a known fact that bathroom tiles are one of the most expensive items in a bathroom and this style does not obstruct the display and beauty of your exquisite tiles.
As theyare not fixed on the floor, it is easy to clean beneath them
The wall mounting style benefits small bathrooms as they can make the bathroom area seem spacious. They do not take up any floor space and hence feels airy and less congested.
With a wall-hung vanity, there is no space for your plumbing works to hide. Showing off your plumbing can offer the rustic industrial look to your contemporary bathrooms. Just ensure that they are visually appealing and not rusted.


A wall-hung vanity unit’s extent and design can be limited depending on the existing plumbing works in your bathroom.
They can limit the storage space as they are suspended in the air and fixed on the wall.
If you are planning to get a heavy wall-hung vanity unit or planning to store heavy items, you may want to do some structural strengthening to the wall in order to help it bear the load. This can come off as an additional expense.

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